Friends of Grange Hill 2013

The Friends of Grange Hill continues to gain support. Thanks to the generosity of a local businessman the group now has its own website

The group has also submitted its constitution to Wirral Council and is now formally recognised by the Local Authority.

Should you wish to become a local community volunteer with the FofGH then please visit the website through which you can Email the group's membership secretary, turn up on a workday or contact the chairman via

The group is looking not only for volunteers but also for supplies of gardening equipment, safety gloves etc or cash donations.

September 2013

Friends of Grange Hill Update.
The aims of the Friends of Grange Hill received a massive boost earlier this summer when a local businessman joined. He has now taken the lead in raising funds for the construction of an all ability pathway between Grange Old Road and the war memorial and garden of remembrance.

The all ability pathway and reconstruction of existing footpaths within the garden of remembrance is estimated to be in the region of 50,000. Undeterred by this cost the group's committee is securing some 50 charity collecting tins which will be placed in a number of local public houses, shops and nursing homes. Other fundraising actions include;-
  • Inclusion of a donate button via the Sponsors page on the website.
  • The group also intends to sell Friends of Grange Hill wristbands.
  • An initial enquiry with the War Memorials Trust was well received and an application made for funding.
  • Promotion via visits and talks to local schools.

During a recent work day, local Councillor Jeff Green visited the gardens and after praising the group's work stated he would do all he could to assist the fofgh' in its work.

The restoration work also continues. We have uprooted a number of laurel and rhododendron bushes n the centre of the grassed area in front of the memorial. Wirral Council has been requested to remove these. Other herbaceous borders are being tidied and rubbish cleared, lawn areas defined and invasive weeds removed. The bushes cut back during winter months are in an advanced state of recovery and covered in green foliage. Elsewhere on the hill various heather plants are in bloom and looking healthy if still fighting against the sea of bracken that surrounds it.

Liverpool University Lecturer Mr Keith Hatton has commenced a study of the wildlife and how changing vegetation has impacted on creatures such as the common lizard.

The group's work has also been greatly assisted by younger members from a local cadet force and a girl guides unit.

If you feel that you would like to offer help in the way of labour or bringing a scout or guide group along to help, please visit our website (details below) for the link to our membership secretary. If you wish to make a financial donation you may do so via the donate button on the sponsors page.