Wirral Pedestrians Association

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The aims of the Association are to campaign for the safety and convenience of pedestrians especially the most vulnerable groups of children, elderly people, parents with buggies, and people with disabilities e.g. those with visual impairment or in wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

Our current main campaigns are
(1) against illegal parking on pavements, and
(2) in favour of 20 mph speed limits on residential roads and around schools and shops

We are also concerned about footways blocked by wheelie bins, A boards, overhanging vegetation and the lack of gritting of pavements in the winter.

We have a free email newsletter (register via the website) and meet every two months.

Join us

Anyone is welcome to join Wirral Pedestrians Association (just 2 per year), by downloading a membership form from our website, or by requesting one from any member of the Committee.

Ian Campbell (Secretary) 625 1449