Wirral Disabled Marine Association

If you have a disability or know someone who has and you or they would like to try sailing on West Kirby Marine Lake, please come to try us.

All tries are free of charge and if you dont like it, the trial is still free of charge. If you do want to join, our membership subscription is 15 per year for an individual, 25 per year for a whole family and 35 per year for an association or group.

We provide life jackets or buoyancy aids for everyone. We use a hoist for wheelchair users to transfer from wheelchair to boat and back again. Having little or no mobility is not a problem to us. Dignity is maintained at all times.

We meet at the south end of the lake, (West Kirby Sailing Club end of the lake) each Sunday from 12 noon until about 4.00pm. When the evenings are brighter, we also meet on a Tuesday evening from 6.30pm until 9.00pm. We are fair weather sailors, so sessions may be cancelled due to unsuitable weather.

The 2013 sailing season will start on Sunday 14 April and continue until mid October.

For more details see their website www.wdma@co.uk